Project Objective

The Karnataka Urban Development and Coastal Environmental Management Project (KUDCEMP) has been implemented with financial assistance from the ADB (Loan No. 1704- IND) in the following ten towns of coastal Karnataka.

Project Towns
  • Dakshina Kannada District : Mangalore, Ullal & Puttur
  • Udupi District: Udupi & Kundapura
  • Uttara Kannada District:Ankola, Bhatkal, Dandeli, Karwar & Sirsi

Rationale behind KUDCEMP:

Urbanization and economic growth in Coastal Karnataka is faster than other areas. These are centres of International Trade and Commerce. Port based industries are significant developments. These areas with fragile environment are needed to be protected and strengthened. Hence, they are required to be supported by adequate infrastructure for sustenance.


  • To optimize social and economic development in the urban centres of coastal Karnataka.
  • To improve and develop basic infrastructure in project towns.
  • To achieve sustainable operation and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • To ensure better delivery of civic services by strengthening the management capacities of ULBs.
  • To establish appropriate environmental planning, management and monitoring systems
  • Projects Scope

    Project Components

    Part A: Capacity Building, Community Participation and Poverty Alleviation

    Training the staff of the local body in the areas of managing municipal finance, municipal assets, implementation of projects, preparation of programmes for Community awareness and participation in development and improvement of Slums by involving NGOs.

    Part B: Water Supply Rehabilitation and Expansion

    Increasing the capacity of the water supply system in the project towns.

    Part C: Urban Environmental Improvement

    Projects to improve Storm water drainage, Under ground drainage, Solid waste management, Traffic Management and rehabilitation of public markets improving the urban environment.

    Part D: Street and Bridge Improvement

    Improvement of roads and bridges in the project towns.

    Part E: Coastal Environmental Management

    Environmental protection, conservation and management of coastal resources under the project.

    Part F: Implementation Assistance

    Towards systematic implementation of the project, appointing consultants for design, construction, supervision and project management and procuring necessary equipment and vehicles.

    Project Funding Arrangement

    Project Implementation