Project Objective

•Reforms & service improvements through Private Sector Participation (PSP) in water sector in Karnataka

•Demonstrate feasibility of continuous pressured (24x7) water supply in selected Demonstration Zones (DZs) in the cities of Belgavi,Kalaburgi and Hubballi-Dharwad. .

Project Scope

•Improving Bulk supply to 3 project cities through rehabilitation / replacement of pipes and pumps

•Provision of 24x7 water supply in the Demonstration Zones and streamlining O&M and revenue collection

Project Components

SL No. Components INR(in Crores) Implementating Agency
1 Sector development and technical assistance 11.73 KUIDFC
2 Physical Investments - -
A.Priority investments* 151.46 KUWS&DB
B.Demonstration projects* 65.61 KUIDFC(through operator)
3 Project implementation support 8.24 KUIDFC
4 Total 237.04

* for improving bulk supply to 3 project cities

** for providing 24x7 water supply in 5 Demonstration Zones.

Project Funding Arrangement
Sl No. Funding Agency US $ Million Rs. in crores %
1 World Bank 39.50 181.70
2 Share of the GoK 12.03 55.34
3 Total cost of the Project 51.53 237.04

Project Implementation

KUIDFC was responsible for financial management, procurement, monitoring and reporting during the implementation of KUWASIP and KUWS&DB was responsible for supervising and executing the Priority Investment works for improving bulk supply in 3 project cities.


•Bulk water supply improved in the cities of Belgavi,Kalaburgi and Hubballi-Dharwad.

•Demonstration project–an innovative project implemented successfully for the first time in municipal sector with PSP and Continuous pressured (24x7) water supply provided in 5 Demonstration Zones spread over 3 project cities and the system is working satisfactorily.

•The project was implemented during 2005-2011.


•Elimination of public stand posts – achieved

•Volumetric tariff introduced and high efficiency achieved in collection of water charges Better consumption practices – inculcated

•The project bagged “National Urban Water Award (NUWA)-2009”


Govt Orders