9 Towns

9 Towns

  • Mundargi
  • Kampli
  • Tekkalkote
  • Kottur
  • Mahalingapur
  • Terdal
  • Mudagal
  • K.R Pet
  • Mulki

Project Objective

To provide adequate stat and potable drinking water to the people living in the 9 towns viz., Mundargi, Kampli, Tekkalkote, Kottur, Mahalingapur, Terdal, Mudagal, K.R Pet & Mulki.

Project Scope

The scope of the work includes improving the existing water supply distribution system covering mainly the need for additional storage, evaluation of the existing pipe network and replacement of old pipes, expansion of distribution network to the uncovered area with metered connections so as to avoid leakages, illegal connections and thereby increase the revenue of the ULBs.

Project Components

Laying of transmission mains, replacement/rehabilitations of old Pumps & OHTs, construction of new OHTs, replacement of old pipes & expansion of the distribution network, metered household connections, construction of WTP, construction of Impounding Reservoir & Jackwell.

Project Funding Arrangement

Total allocated amount is Rs.205.87 cr. The project funding is through 50% from the Government grant and 50% from market borrowings

Project Implementation

As per the Government order dated 20.11.2012, the period of implementation of Water supply & UGD is 3 years. The time period comprises of the term of Phase I services and Phase II services or such other time period as the parties may agree in writing. Expected duration of Phase I and Phase II services are 8 months and 12 months respectively, for O&M- Phase-12 months.

Sl.No Description Responsibility Remarks


Project Management

MD, KUIDFC will be the Project Director at the State level

  • KUIDFC will monitor the project periodically by sending team of experts (mission) to assess the Project Implementation Progress.
  • Said mission will consist of Technical, Social, Environmental, Accounting and Procurement Experts

Deputy Commissioner (DC) at District level and will be assisted by Project Directors of DUDC


Administrative approval

Empowered Committee

MD- Member-Convener

To take all decisions regarding the implementation and monitoring of the Project


Executing Agency

Deputy Commissioner


Implementing Agency

  • ULB
  • Through PIU staff (PIU can be established in DUDC or in DC office)
  • PIU staff Consisting of (AEE/AE/JE, Accountant DEO, and Work Inspectors)
  • ULB- to pass Council resolution and sign the MoA-Appointment
  • By deputation from DMA, KUWS&DB & ULB-By contract


Fund flow

KUIDFC will transfer money to the project account of DC


Appointment of Project Consultants(PCs)

Project Consultants will be appointed by KUIDFC


Preparation of DPRs

Project Consultants (PCs)

Role of PCs
  • Survey
  • Preparation of concept environment assessment report, Detailed Project Report etc
  • Preparation of draft and final bid documents.
  • Assist PIU/ULB to prepare the draft bid notification and bid evaluation.
  • Implementation
  • Assist PIU/ULB in execution of work
  • Quality & Quantity Certification
  • Assist PMU in monitoring the projects


Approval of DPRs

DLIC within the approved cost of EC Constitution of DLIC
  • DC-Chairman
  • Presidents of the project ULBs-Members
  • PD, DUDC-Member Secretary
  • SE/EE PWD-Member
  • EE KUWS&DB-Member
  • EE/AEE DUDC-Member
  • Chief fficer/Commissioner Project ULBs-Members
  • JE/AE/AEE/EE-ULB-Member
  • Representative of KUIDFC-Member


Technical Sanction

District Level Implementation Committee (DLIC) will accord technical sanction up to Rs. 2cr.

Estimates exceeding Rs.5 cr. CE,KUIDFC


Tender Invitation

through E-Procurement



Tender approval

Tenders having Premium Up to 8%-ULB, Up to 12%-DLIC, Above 12%-EC


Award of Works


ULB signs the contract agreement





Supervision of work

PIU of ULB and Site Engineer of PC


Quality and Quantity certification

PIU and PC (JNNURM reporting



Preparation of Bills

Contractor submits the RA Bill –Joint Check measurements by EE, DUDC & PC

Joint measurement within 10 days from the date of submission of RA Bill by the contractors




Released through DC from Separate bank account of the project



  • Up to 10% of DPR cost-DLIC
  • Above 10-15% of DPR cost-KUIDFC
  • Above 15%-EC

Any change in scope of work will have to be approved by KUIDFC irrespective of cost


Project Reporting

Project Reporting Consultant


Land Acquisition



Project Abstract Project Abstract

16 towns were divided into 3 packages. 3 Consultancy firms have been appointed by following KTPP act. The Contract Agreement is signed by all consultants. The selected consultancy firms are as follows:

  • M/s Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Package – I (6 towns viz. Gajendragad, Naregal, Mundargi, Bankapur, Alnavar & Mulki)
  • M/s CDM Smith India Private Limited Package – II (5 towns viz. Kampli, Tekkalakote, Kottur, Kamalapura & Molakalmur).
  • M/s Tata Consulting Engineers Limited Package – III (5 towns viz. Mahalingapura, Teredal, Mudagal, Kudachi & Shiralkoppa)

Out of the above 16 towns, KUWSDB had executed the water supply schemes in Gajendragad, Naregal, Bankapur, Alnavar & by RDPR in Molakalmur. •The Consultants had submitted the Final DPRs for Water Supply of (1) Kottur (2) Kamalapura (3) Kampli (4) Kudachi (5)Mulki (6) Tekkalakote (7) Mundargi (8) Teredal (9) Mudagal & (10) Mahalingapura have been submitted which were accorded Technical sanction by the Chief Engineer, NKUSIP. The DPR of shirolkoppa was not prepared due to insufficient source of water.

In the 2nd Empowered committee meeting held on 16.07.2015 under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary, GoK, the Committee felt that, for the purpose of synergy and co-ordination, KUWSDB can take up distribution network in all the 16 towns & resolved to transfer the 16 town project along with the appointed Design and construction Supervision Consultant, and the allocation made in the budget towards the project to KUWS&DB, in order to avoid duplication of works.

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Additional Chief Secretary, UDD, GoK, on 19.03.2016 with Managing Director, KUWSDB & Managing Director, KUIDFC & after detailed discussion a Government letter (with the proceedings) was issued to KUIDFC to take up the project of 16 towns. Requesting again for cabinet approval for transfer the project to KUWSDB may take lot of time. Since, it has already been delayed by nearly one year and the priority of the GoK is to provide Water Supply to all the Urban areas it was directed that the balance 11 towns where technical sanction has been obtained to be executed through KUIDFC at the earliest.

Further, a meeting was also convened under the chairmanship of MD, KUIDFC with the stake holders, ULB President/ ULB officials and the consultants on 12.04.2016 to discuss about the provisions made in the DPRs. The representatives of Kudachi & Kamlapura opted out of the project as they had sufficient water. Thus out of 16 towns only 9 towns remained.

The stake holders in the meeting held on 12.04.2016 had requested to make some more additional essential provisions in the DPRs like construction of Impounding Reservoir, WTP, parallel Transmission main etc., which will increase the cost of the DPRs and also increase the cost due to the revision in the schedule of rates. The consultants have submitted the revised DPRs of 8 towns after revisiting the towns along with the AEE’s of the RO, Hubli. Technical approval was accorded by the Chief Engineer, NKUSIP to the revised DPRs.

Accordingly, the same was placed before the 3rd Empowered Committee meeting held on 27.05.2016 and it was resolved that, KUIDFC to implement the Water Supply Scheme for balance 9 towns & drop the 7 Towns along with UGD from the project and as per the power vested in the Government Order dated 20-11-2012, the Empowered Committee resolved to inter allocate the funds from one component to another or from one town to another, which is well within the allocated amount of Rs. 205.87 crores.

Since the “Implementation of water supply & UGD of 16 towns” was approved in the cabinet, the proposal of dropping of seven towns and UGD was placed before the Cabinet for approval.

Government Order No.UDD 14 PRJ 2012, Bangalore, dated: 06-04-17, was issued & has accorded sanction for implementing water supply in 9 towns at an estimated cost of Rs. 205.87 cr.

Out of the 9 towns, tenders were invited for 8 towns, viz, Mundargi, Mulki, Terdal, Mahalingapur, Mudgal, Kottur, Kampli & Tekkalkote (except Shirolkoppa) in the e-portal by following the KTPP Act. In 7 towns LoA has been issued and the evaluation of the financial bid of Kampli is under process by the ULB.

The Empowered Committee vide, its 4th meeting held on 17.08.2017 has resolved to drop Shirolkoppa town from the 9 towns project and to take up K. R. pete town of Mandya District at an amount of Rs. 27.75cr (Bulk improvement). And hence a new GO was issued

Government Order No.UDD 14 PRJ 2012, Bangalore, dated: 15-12-17, was issued & has accorded sanction for implementing water supply in 9 towns at an estimated cost of Rs. 205.87 cr

In the above G.O, K.R Pet of Mandya District has been taken up in lieu of Shirolkoppa of Shimogga district at the cost of 27.75 crores. Expression of Interest (EoI) has been invited in the e-portal for the appointment of the Design & Construction consultant.


The following reforms are envisaged under the programme:

  • Introduction of Volumetric Tariff for water supply facilities for ensuring better service provision by the ULBs.
  • Setting of O & M cell to ensure Operation & Maintenance of the facilities developed under the programme.
  • Improvement in collection of property tax, trade license fee, advertisement fee, etc
  • Implementation of Fund Based Accounting System.
  • Computerization of basic municipal functions.
  • Building instutional capacity

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