Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Project Objective

The Government of Karnataka vide its GO No.UDD 491 MNY 2014 dtd 20.08.2014 had accorded approval to establish Municipal Solid Waste processing plants in and around Bangalore for effective & efficient arrangement of MSW.

KRIDL is entrusted for carrying out civil works on Deposit Contribution basis


Establishment of De-centralized Solid Waste Management Processing Units as per MSW Rules 2000 and as per the directions of Honourable High Court of Karnataka and to overcome the garbage crisis at Mandur.

Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited (KRIDL)

Project Scope

The project includes :

  • Establishment of 6 MSW processing plants & rehabilitation of one existing processing unit.
  • Establishment of 6 landfill facilities at identified quarries
Project Locations of MSW processing plants
Name of the Location Extent (acres) Capacity (TPD)
Lingadheeranahalli 11 200
Kannahalli 23.75 500
Seegehalli 7 200
Subbarayanapalya 9.34 200
Chikkanagamangala 15.3 500
KCDC, Kudlu 30 500
Total 2300
Project locations of landfill facilities at quarries
No Survey No. & Name
1 28- Muddaiahanapalya
2 59-Margondanahalli
3 27,107 – Mylasandra
4 100-Bettahalasuru
5 271,176-Bagluru
6 02-Mitaganahalli

Project Components

  • Civil works like compound wall, roads and drains, platforms, office building, worker’s dining and change room, vehicle workshop, rain water harvesting etc.
  • Pre-engineered building sheds
  • Electrical works including high mask lights, generators, DG room, panel room etc.
  • Odour control system
  • Landfill facilities at 3 processing units (Kannahalli, Seegehalli and Chikkanagamangala) and 6 quarry sites
  • Plantations, land development and buffer
  • Leachate collection and treatment plant
  • SWM processing equipments, machineries and movable waste handling vehicles
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports including designs
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Project Management

Project Funding Arrangement

HFunding under State budget :

  • Rs.440 crore for implementation of MSW processing unit work.
  • Rs.101 crore for implementation of landfill facility works.
  • Consultancy assignments taken up under Karnataka Municipal Reforms Project of KUIDFC

Project Implementation

Project locations of landfill facilities at quarries

Desscription Responsibility Remarks
Nodal Agency KUIDFC ---
Implementing Agency KRIDL

• Civil works entrusted on Deposit Contribution basis

• Responsible for quality & quality assurance

Preparation of DPRs Consultants appointed by KUIDFC (PMC)

• DPR to be submitted to KUIDFC

• To be forwarded to designated EE for scrutiny

Preparation of cost estimates Designated EE ---
Scrutiny of estimates for technical sanction Designated SE To be routed through designated Zonal Commissioner
According technical sanction CE (SWM) Technical assistance by EE/SE
Administrative approval EC Based on the recommendations made by the MD, KUIDFC and Special Commissioner (SWM), BBMP Through JC (SWM & Health) & Special Commissioner (SWM) & Commissioner BBMP
Entrustment of works, issue of work order MD, KUIDFC and Special Commissioner (SWM), BBMP / C.E ---
Execution of agreement with KRIDL EE ---

Release of funds of KRIDL

• Mobilisation advance-25% (of civil works)

• Subsequent releases @25% each- upon submission of UC and certification by PMC & IRMA


• Routing of file:

• EE-SE/CE-JC-Special Commissioner (SWM)-Commissioner BBMP-KUIDFC

Final bill KRIDL, PMC, Designated EE, SE / CE & KUIDFC •Release of amount only after completion of works and necessary documentation & certification
Handing over of completed assets KRIDL & Designated EE, BBMP • KRIDL has to handover the completed works to BBMP. Designated EE to take over the assets
Operation and Maintenance of SWM Facilities BBMP • An Escrow account needs to be opened and an amount of 10% of the Capital cost, say Rs.25 cr/annum shall be deposited

Empowered Committee - An Empowered Committee (EC) under the chairmanship of the Additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development Department, with Principal Secretary-Finance Department, Commissioner BBMP, Secretary-Forest, Environment & Ecology, Secretary-Urban Development, Special Commissioner (SWM), BBMP, Secretary (Mines)-Commerce & Industries Department as Members and MD-KUIDFC as Member Secretary.

EC has the powers to accord or administrative sanction. Also, EC monitors the progress & takes all decisions for smooth implementation of the projects. Technical Committee - for approval of plant layouts, equipment layouts, vehicle requirements, physical inspection of equipments, vehicles, etc., and other engineering aspects of the project. The Committee includes outside SWM Experts also.


MSW Processing plants

1 Lingadheeranahalli h Commissioned
2 Doddabidarkal Commissioned
3 Kannahalli Commissioned
4 Subbarayanapalya Commissioned
5 Chikkanagamangala Commissioned
6 Seegehalli Commissioned
7 KCDC, Kudlu
  • Processing of 200 TPD of waste using existing facility is in progress
  • Up-gradation works underway
  • Implementation arrangement approval being awaited from Government for establishment of 6 landfill facilities at identified quarries.


  • Establishment of de-centralized solid waste management processing units
  • Odour control measures – provision for air ventilation system and bio filters
  • Installation of Air Density Separators for separating non-biodegradable, recyclables and inert from the oversized rejects.
  • Land development for better aesthetics and plantations / green belt development for creation of buffer around the plant to aid greater acceptability among nearby residents
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Provision for tapping solar energy through Roof top of PEB sheds
  • 2 years AMC for equipments, machineries and movable vehicles
  • Operation and maintenance through performance based management contracts